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Baseball with FEELS2009
Retired hero beats up polite villans2009
Cutest, but most incompetent aquatic invader of all time2010
A guy spills a lot of blood to get some candy2011
A dead guy lives with a necromancer, a ninja and a magiclad girl2011
Young delinquent raises a future demon lord2011
Sadako (from The Ring) wants to date the school idol2009
P-San guiding girls through their career2011
After war, people with supernatural power fight in the black spot 2009
A ghost girl can't be seen by her childhood friends, but for one boy2011
A man from a basketball club disbanded for pedophilia teaches young girls to play basketball2011
Lesbian rooms with cross dressing guy2009
'Capturing God' must use his galge skills in real life2010
Filthy sisters pay their way into Heaven2010
Masochist doesn't appreciate his God enough2010
Young girl in a futon was maybe abducted by aliens2011
Man working with a god to seal spirits he accidentally released2009
Which Witch is which?2009
A boy follows his uncle's dream to write manga and get a girl2010
An innocent relationship between a 30 year old and his 6 year old aunt2011
A strategian goes on a journey to collect swords2010
A city mystery of a headless bike rider2010
Boy is destined to be the demon lord, creates a harem instead2010
Man accidentally hits on a kindergartener, who becomes infatuated with him2010
Young man enters Hysteria Mode and heightens his senses when he is turned on2011
A family move to a village, causing a sudden death scenario2010
Aliens with cat ears come to live with a teenage boy2010
Underwater lesbians playing mahjong2009
Highschool boy cursed to be a cat unless he grants wishes2009
It's the NEET thing to do2011
A high school boy tries to find a girlfriend by christmas2010
A guy owes ¥156,804,000 to the very nice people, doesn't get christmas presents from santa2009
High School Limbo, featuring an angel2010
Sisters fight for their brother's affection.2010
Girl joins newspaper delivery office, harem ensues2009
Golden fairy in the high tower becomes a detective2011
A boy turns into a girl to fight2009
Hero show brought to you by Pepsi NEXT2011
Special ability fighters protect moving cities from Filth 2009
Highschool kids fight zombies using breast physics2010
Become a wizard through abstinence2011
A supa serious fight for dinner2011
Noblesse Oblige the anime2009
Young boy duels with money and a cute girl2011
Young author can't legally read what he writes2011
Guy has sex with his sister in the hallway2010
Crossdressing butler and her tsundere master. Also a guy2011
A young blonde dragon girl falls in love with a boring guy2011
Idiots fight for their rights2010
Boy and his little sister bond over Porn2010
Annoying triplets destroy the class2010
Mailmen fight giant bugs2009
Student council has meetings. Hilarity ensues2009
Time travelling through a microwave2011
Businessman settles debt by marrying Venusian2010
Minicon gets a job2010
A crabby girl weighs nothing. 2009
A 'girl's club' where only lesbians can join2009
A young girl wants to lose her virginity, get 100 sex buddies2010
Girls eat cake and drink tea. Music subplot.2009

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