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What is the unit of electric field multiplied by charge?
Denser field lines indicate stronger or weaker electric fields?
Is the magnitude of an electric field greater, smaller, or the same around a positive charge compared to an equally charged negative charge?
Given two oppositely but equally charged plates separated by 7.777 meters, with area 49 m^2 on either plate, at what rate does the electric field change with distance between the t
A changing electric field creates what type of field?
Electric field lines point in the direction what kind of charge would move?
How far, to the nearest nanometer, from an electron is the electric field's magnitude 7 Newtons per Coulomb? Divide this distance by 2.
Given an electric field E at 1 meter from a fixed charge q, what is the acceleration experienced by another particle with charge q, mass 7kg, and 1 meter from the fixed charge in t
How many point charges are needed to represent the electric field outside a hollow, charged shell?
How many point charges are needed to represent the electric field at the center of a charged portion of a circle?
Do electric field lines always converge?
What magnitude of force do two charges of charge sqrt(q) and separation 7 m feel? Answer in terms of k and q.
Which direction would an electric field have to point to cause an electron to hover?
If the distance from a charged wire increases 7 times, by what factor does the electric field decrease?
If the distance from a point charge is increased 7 times, by what factor does the electric field decrease?
What is represented by the expression kq/(r^2)?
What is represented by the expression Eq?
What is the electric field within a spherical shell?
What are the units for electric field?
To effectively use gauss' law, what quantity must remain constant?

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