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Can you name the lago vista 2?

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lol here is your hintanswerlol
this person created the hunter hardy one nut foundation noob
what name do we say in a high pitched voice lol billy
he talks to antscrazyyyyy
janak always fights with him in homeroomlol its funny
was suppose to play at our school instead we the kings didbaby are you down down down down
the other short person at our schoollol
is going out with grande rojo
knows gorske's iphone password
only can understand every third word he says
silent assassin
is black and can dance
billy get in
is the DAEP teacher
lol here is your hintanswerlol
the coach that has curly hair
is a terrorist
ok spell his last name
the rues new....
what is better xbox or ps3
team andy v.s
is an inbred
has his hair in a tool fohawk
joey takes....
is probably the hottest girl in our school (junior)
hardest pre-ap/ap teacher
sells lolipops and lemon powders
L.V.A stands for
if i took the 1st letter from every answer above what would the letters be
last question what is my favorite number

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