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Stupid Things KPop Idols Say?

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'I will dropkick Kihyun if we get chicken'Monsta X
'I'm the drummer maknae, Day6'Day6
'Jaebum hyung, pabo!'GOT7
'This is Johnny, he's my little brother. I love him...Go away Johnny'f(x)
'Jaebumie is also a pabo!'GOT7
'My roomate is booming system uh uh, TY track, TY track'NCT
'I'm out, I'm 2 out, I'm 3 out, 4 out, 5 out!'
'I'm not a rapper, I'm a person that raps'GOT7
'**** down!'BTS
'I lived in America for 4 years, that's why I'm here man'NCT
'Look lettuce is breathing'NCT
'Are you kidding me? Kimbap be kidding?'Seventeen
'I was born in Busan first and then he was born'BTS
'My current boyfriend is Shownu, my next boyfriend will be Wonho'Monsta X
'What's up man, arigato man'NCT
'This is poison! Die!'EXO
'I'm jungle, jungle is me'GOT7
'Chicken is not my style'EXO
'Do we stretch in silence?'NCT
'As far as I know, Sana unnie is dangerous'Twice
'I want to know what it's like to live with glue on my mouth'GOT7
'Hi everyone, I'm GOT7'GOT7
'Pizza is international delicacy, excuse you'Day6
'IOI sunbaenim, how many people are there?'BTS
'My life is a hamburger'Seventeen
'What are you, a gangster?'GOT7
'The most miraculous thing on Earth is SM'Super Junior
'Strong power, thank you'BTS
'My mouth smells like a stable'Monsta X
'This is why your vroom vroom talk show didn't succeed'NCT
'It's New Culture Technology'NCT
'We don't do sports'Monsta X
'Haechan is amazing; I think he'll get beaten one day'NCT
'Oh daddy!'NCT
'I'm the butt of EXO'EXO
'Jeongyeon looks like a gangster's wife'Twice
'Be there or be square'NCT
'(Mr.Mr.starts playing) What song is this?'SNSD
'Everywhere I look, pose, everywhere I place my hand, it's a pose'NCT
'I dab every morning when I wake up'GOT7
'Jaebum-ah!' (informal)GOT7
'I feel like Paris Hilton'Super Junior
'Sorry bi**h'BTS
'How you know I'm not big?'GOT7
'Very hot!'NCT
'Jinyoung hyung, pabo!'GOT7
'Hello, I'm 2PM'2PM
'There needs to be a change in title, maybe 'You're So Going To Die''VIXX
'I hate snakeu'BTS

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