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Forced Order
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-Lover of Zeus, was turned into a cow to hide her from Hera
-in love with her brother, brother flees and Byblis in driven mad with guilt
boy forced into sex by Salmacis
peasant who gave all he had to Mercury, was turned in a tree with her husband.
woman saved from the flood of the Iron Age
Thinks she is the best mother ever.
means hindsight, was given Pandora as his bride from Zeus
peasant who gave all he had to Mercury, was turned in a tree with his wife.
wood nymph who loves boys, loved Hermaphroditus
male lover of Zeus, was brought to Olympus to be Zeus' immortal butler
was shot by Cupid's lead tipped arrow(flee from love), eventually turned into a Lorell tree
Centar who forces himself on Deianira after he tells Heracles to go across a river
main character in the poem Aeneid. Born from Anchises and Aphrodite. Decedents are the Romans
mother of Heracles
given to Epimetheus as his wife, had a box that she opened, released evil (disease and such)
Wife of Orpheus
sculptor who falls in love with a statue he sculpts. Aphrodite converts the statue into a human and he marries hers.
100-eyed monster ordered to watch Io for Hera
is a good looking young man, and he knows it
Male lover of Apollo, killed by a discus, turned into a flower
beats Atalanta in a race with 3 golden apples and marries her
born of Hera’s affair, handsome critter. Venus falls in love with him, she doesn’t act like herself
the god of balancing out fairness
-Good weaver, challenged Minerva to a weaving contest, ended in a tie (basically), Minerva turns her into a Spider
man saved from the flood of the Iron Age
-was obsessed with her father, inspired by the furies, killed and turned into a plant
man who kills two mating snakes, gets turned in a woman, gets blinded by Hera
Goes to the Underworld to get his Wife back
In the 8th labor of Heracles, as Heracles is going off to bring back the cattle of Geryon, he passes Admetus, whose wife Alcestis has just given her life in place of his. Heracles
means praise Hera, bastard son of Zeus, must complete 12 impossible tasks
human, “the wolf,” acts to evil that Zeus floods the Iron Age
Heracles' second wife
son of Zeus, born b4 Heracles after Hera made Zeus promise his next born would be king
satar who is good at playing flute, challenged Apollo to a musical competition, lost.
really good runner and does not want to get married.
twin brother of Heracles
Diana's nymph who was tricked by Zeus into sex, gets pregnant, then turned into a bear by Hera. Her and her son were turned into the constellations Big bear and Little bear.
wood nymph who fell in love with Narcissus, can't talk, can only say the last word someone said
made perpetually hungry, destroys his life and family trying to feed his hunger
son of Helios, granted a wish, wished to ride the chariot across the sky, Zeus knocks him off the chariot and he dies
means foresight, stole fire from the Gods, brother of Epimetheus. Tells Epiimetheus to never accept a gift form the Gods
Apollo's male lover accidentally kills their favorite deer, dies of grief, turned in a Cyprus tree
-Father of Io
roman and poet. He wrote the poem Aeneid.

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