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'I met her accidentally in _________, Minnesota'Johnny Cash - 'Big River'
'I'll never see Texas, _________ or ol' Mexico'Waylon Jennings - 'Drinkin' and Dreamin''
'A place called _________ on the wild Colorado'Highwaymen - 'Highwayman'
'I was sittin' in _________ pourin' blended whiskey down'Tom T Hall - 'Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine'
'I got a good ol' gal in _________'Dave Dudley - 'Truck Drivin' Son of a Gun'
'The red-headed stranger from _________, Montana'Willie Nelson - 'Red Headed Stranger'
'The desert's quiet and _________'s cold'Townes Van Zandt - 'Pancho and Lefty'
'Busted flat in _________, headin' for the train'Kris Kristofferson - 'Me and Bobby McGee'
'Below that old white mountain, just a little south-east of _________'Johnny Horton - 'North to Alaska'
'I shot a man in _________, just to watch him die'Johnny Cash - 'Folsom Prison Blues'
'Well they gave him his orders at _________, Virginia'Vernon Dalhart - 'Wreck of the Old 97'
'From a shack by a mountain stream, to a room in _________'Dolly Parton - 'My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy'
'It don't matter who's in _________, Bob Wills is still the king'Waylon Jennings - 'Bob Wills is Still the King'
'I'm on my way from _________, going back to Dixieland'Jimmie Rodgers - 'Waiting for a Train'
'The girls in _________, they all march for women's lib'Loretta Lynn - 'One's on the Way'
'I followed you to Alabam', things looked good in _________'David Houston - 'My Elusive Dreams'
'Third boxcar, midnight train; Destination _________, Maine'Roger Miller - 'King of the Road'
'In the dark of night we would lay on _________ bay'Buck Owens - 'Made In Japan'
'Thirty some odd years ago a young man came to _________; Asking 'bout a rose that used to blossom in his world'Tanya Tucker - 'What's Your Mama's Name'
'I waved a diesel down outside a cafe; He said that he was goin' as far as _________'Ronnie Milsap - 'Smoky Mountain Rain'
'A year has come and gone since we heard the news 'bout Billy Joe; And Brother married Becky Thompson, they bought a store in _________'Bobby Gentry - 'Ode to Billie Joe'
'In a bar in _________ across the depot, on a barstool she took off her ring'Kenny Rogers - 'Lucille'

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