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Name the order in which these three things came about? LUCA, RNA, DNA
What is Cuvier credited for?
What are the periods of the Phanerozoic based on?
The watchmaker metaphor was contributed by who?
Was Lamarck's theory of inheritance by acquired characteristics a testably hypothesis?
Aleksandr Oparin produced proveided a hypothesis for what?
What did mammals evolve from?
'layered sedimentary rocks were orginially laid down in a horizontal manner
Nicholas Stteno  
AFter what events in the neoproterozoic did atmospheric oxygen levels rise?
what are animals called who lays eggs? such as a bird
Who said the Earth was made in 4004 B.C?
Who said the Earth was 10-100 million years old?
How many phyla out of the 35 are good for fozillization?
Which mass extinction was the most severe?
At what eon was the Earth spinning the fastest?
What are animals called who give birth to live young?
What are icthyosaurs analgous to in the modern world?
what animal is a monotreme?
If there is gaseous oxygen in the atmosphere what also is created?
species go on unchanged for a long time. Then the species is replaced, without any transition, by a new species that looks lik
is macroevolution seen on a human time scale?
phenotype includes all of the following but: size, color, genes, behavior
name the periods in order?
name the eons? oldest to youngest
At 800 mya, what supercontinent began to break up?
during the neoproterozoic 
what were the first amniotes?
defining characteristic of phyla chordate?

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