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What geological time scale goes Eoarchaen, paleoarchaen, mesoarchaen, paleoproterzoic, mesoproterozoic, neoproterozoic, paleozoic, mesozoic, cenozoic
Who experimented with drosophila(fruit flies)
Slow steady change ina phylum with asteady accumulation of small changes
Who said primordial soup
ps if you know this I will be really impressed 
What believes in uniformitarianism, evolutionism, extinctions and gradualism
What is the evolution of 35 phyla within a span of ten million years called
Who came up with the theory of punctuated equilibrium?
Physical Divide leading to speciation is known as
The theory that life arose from natural processes on early earth
(1726-1797) Wrote theory of the earth and created uniformitarianism
Within population evolution below and including new species and occurs on a human time scale
The eons in the order they occured
What is the theory that intelligent beings brought life to earth?
17th century man who had four big ideas superposition, original horizontality, lateral continuity and fossils represent extinct life
a synthesis that puts everything together- gradualism, puntuated equilibrium and ended mutationism said mutation is source of variation not driving force
what is it called when there is not a physical divide that causes speciation
Name the periods the dinosaurs existed for in order
True or False this is a correct ordering of the periods from oldest to newest
Mesoarchaen and neoproterozoic are
A self sustained chemical system that is capable of under going darwinian evolution is known as

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