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Tetrapods that form eggs inside a protective membrane via internal fertilization
What percentage of species went extinct in the Permotriassic extinction?
In the kt extinction what percentage of terrestrial vertebrates went extinct
In what four groups did flight evolve in?
What is considered the oldest bird?
Modern cetaceans evolved from?
What does grass have in it that cause a wearing down of the teeth?
What means having hooves
Where do the monotreme animals live?
name a type of diapsid
Humans have what kind of skull condition?
What do we call early synapsids?
What developed rapidly in the late permian and is a mammal like reptile or rather a reptillian like synapsid. This gave rise to mammals
The Super Continent the dinosaurs lived on is
The main groups of dinosaurs are
The main groups of the saurischia are
An ankylosaurs belongs to which group of dinosaurs
When did the saurischians go extinct?
What type of vision did dinosaurs have?
Are you going to ace the final for EARTH 30?

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