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What is the California State Fossil?
A sharp diversification in what led to the rise in grazing animals?
What is our teeth condition called?
What are animals that are herbivores and have hooves called?
what is this called? :Aardvark of Africa, Anteater, Pangolin evolved from disparate lineage and in filling the same ecological niche
What started forming in Antarctica 28 Mya?
What is our closest relative?
What is the defining characteristic that separates us from other hominids?
Darwin Took three books with him on theHMS beagle 1: the bible 2: Paley’s Natural Theology (1802) watchmakers metaphor 3: Lyell’s Principles of Geology (1830): which numbers d
What is the driving force of evolution?
What was darwins biggest problem with his gradual evolution?
What era did 2 snowball earth events occur?
Who did the diversity curve of marine families starting with the cambrian to modern fauna?
Was RNA or DNA created first?
what is the common ancestor of all life?
When was liquid water first on Earth?
just type number. All numbers are in billions of years 
Who named the Hadean eon?
old professor at UCSB 
Was the Earth spinning faster or slower during the Hadean?
All proteins found on earth are made from a combination of how many amnio acids?
What are the symbols of the main elements life requires?
6 letters, or 4 letters (no spaces) 
Who shares a birthday with Charles Darwin?

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