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What provides a sac within which and embryo grows and a nutritous yolk?
Occurs in reptiles, birds, and primitive mammals 
Occurs in late neoproterozoic and is microscopic. No skeletons and is flate in geometry like sheets largely 2d
Geologically sudden, significant part of life went extinct, and occurs globally
Herbivores that lived until the KT extinction, were quadrepedal with long necks and small necks
Superficially similar but not as a result of any common origin
State fossil of California also known as a Saber Toothed Cat
Small no larger than a dog and lived in forest or open woodland. Closely related to ancestor of Rhinos
Established Extinction as a Fact in 1796 PRINCIPLE OF PLENTITUDE IS INCORRECT
Small, thin, Photosynthesis occured on entire plant not true leaves
Rocks Used to break down food
Most Mammals have what kind of vision
Name a super continent
What skull condition has only one pair of post ocular holes?
What skull condition has two pairsof post ocular holes
Name a type of anapsid
What group of dinosaurs gave rise to birds
Who said earth experienced temperature oscillations in the neo proterozoic from very hot to very cold and in 1998 proposed a unified snowball earth hypothesis
What has excellent dna repair mechanisms?
What are the two major groups of dinosaurs
What type of hips do ornithischians have

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