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What does the term 'Dinosaur' mean?
Dinosaurs and most other reptiles have what type of skull condition?
What group has an antorbital and mandibular fenstrae?
This group includes nonavian dinosaurs, birds, and crocodiles 
What is a living descendent of the dinosaurs?
What are the two major groups of Dinosaurs?
What does Ornithischia stand for?
What group does a triceratops belong to?
What does Saurischia stand for?
What are the two major groups of Saurischia?
Which group gave rise to birds?
A T Rex belongs to which group/s?
What type of vision did dinosaurs have?
A therapsid has what kind of skull condition?
Name in order the periods the nonavian dinosaurs lived
When did the Saurischian clade go extinct?
When did the Ornithischian clade go extinct?
What group does an Apatosaurs belong to?
Be as specific as possible 
What did dinosaurs have in their stomachs to help them digest food?
The ancestral dinosaurs were...
Who coined the term dinosaur?

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