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HoldingCase Name
Incorporated the Sixth Amendment right to a jury trial to the states via the Fourteenth Amendment
Conviction or trial of an insane individual violates Due Process
Federal Rules of Evidence do not apply in federal grandy jury proceedings
Prosecutors are under no duty to present exculpatory evidence to the grand jury
The Sixth Amendment right to counsel for indigent defendants applies to the states via the Fourteenth Amendment
The right to counsel for an indigent defendant is violated only if that defendant was sentenced to jail and not represented
The use of a prior conviction, where the defendant was without counsel, in a sentencing determination for a second conviction does not violate the right to counsel
Holding a defendant without bail on a finding that they were 'dangerous' does not violate Due Process
Courts consider four factors in determining a defendant's speedy trial rights
Prosecutors must turn over 'material' exculpatory evidence
Requiring defendants to supply the prosecution with notice of alibi witnesses does not violate Due Process or the Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination
A guilty plea must represent a voluntary and intelligent decision on the part of the defendant who understands he is giving up constituional rights
Promising not to bring a more severe charge in exchange for a plea bargain to a lesser charge is permissible
Plea wiring is permissible as long as it represents a knowing and voluntary decision on behalf of the defendant
The government must stay true to the terms of a plea bargain, including keeping any promises made therein
HoldingCase Name
A jury in a criminal trial must consist of at least 6 people in order to satisfy Due Process
Jury verdicts in state criminal trials do not need to be unanimous to comport with the Sixth Amendment
Minority groups cannot be systematically or completely excluded from the jury pool
Race can not be the motivating factor behind striking an individual from a jury with a peremptory challenge
Multiple representation of criminal defendants is not unconstitutional unless an actual conflict is shown and that conflict negatively impacts the defendant's representation
Criminal defendants have SIxth Amendment right to effective assistance of counsel
The accused has a Sixth Amendment right to represent himself
Non-capital sentencing only has to be 'proportional' - that is, rationally related to the crime - California's 3-strikes law is constitutional
Capital sentencing must look to evolving standards of decency and a strict proportionality test - Execution of juveniles is unconstitutional
The Federal Sentencing Guidelines are advisory, not mandatory
An acquittal or dismissal on the merits bars a retrial because of double jeopardy
A mistrial will not bar a retrial on double jeopardy grounds unless the mistrial is a result of the prosecutor and it is found that the prosecutor did so with the intent to cause a
Two offenses are not 'the same offense' for double jeopardy purposes if they require proof of a different fact than each other
A criminal defendant can be tried for the same offense in two states, or one state and the federal system without offending double jeopardy
A criminal defendant cannot retain a portion of otherwise forefeited funds to retain counsel of his choice

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