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QUIZ: Making their name in eclectic range of disciplines and lifestyles - Can you uncover History's Greats?

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Life DisciplineGreatHint
PoliticsDoctor and Marxist revolutionary
PoliticsLeading British suffragette
Politics1st Roman Emperor; defeated Antony and Cleopatra in the Battle of Actium
SportSwimmer and most decorated Olympian of all time
Sport4 gold medals debunked notions of 'Aryan' supremacy
SportGenius snooker player; fastest ever 147
PhilosophyKey ideas: the 'death of God', the Ubermensch ...
PhilosophyJewish-American Anarcho-syndicalist and linguist
PhilosophyPlato and Xenophon were students of this 'Father' of philosophy
LiteratureLord of the Flies author
LiteratureAuthor of Midnight's Children and The Satanic Verses
LiteratureEspionage writer incl. The Hunt for Red October
ReligionBiblical 'prophet' and zealot of Judah
ReligionBuddhist guru and Tibetan exile
ReligionSufi mystic
Life DisciplineGreatHint
MilitaryAmerican five-star general; WWI, WWII, Korean War
MilitaryMediaeval warrior-king; Battle of Agincourt (1415)
MilitaryAztec Empire Conquistador
TV and FilmThe Elephant Man and Twin Peaks American director
TV and FilmNorth by Northwest and Psycho English film director
TV and FilmAlien, Thelma & Louise and Gladiator film director
MusicKing of Pop; Off the Wall and Thriller albums
MusicGerman Baroque composer; famous canon
MusicEnglish actress and songstress; known as 'The Forces' Sweetheart'
Art and ArchitectureRegionalist painter; 'American Gothic'
Art and ArchitectureEnglish architect of St. Paul's Cathedral, London
Art and ArchitectureSpanish surrealist; 'The Persistence of Memory'
Science and ExplorationGerman mathematician and astronomer known for his laws of planetary motion
Science and ExplorationAmerican physicist; Manhattan Project
Science and ExplorationUnderwater pioneer; co-inventor of the aqua-lung

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