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Can you name the Main Characters of the Iliad?

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Wounded two Olympian gods
Spy for the Trojans
King of Sparta
The greater one of a pair
Archer son of Telamon
Sibyllic daughter of Priam
Leader of the Lycian defenders, son of Zeus
Co-leader of the Lycian forces
Prince of Troy, his abduction of the Spartan Queen is the casus belli
Knight of Gerene, counsellor to the Greeks
Leader of the Myrmidons
His death causes the wrath of the Myrmidon chief
Chief defender of Troy
King of Crete
Forefather of the founders of Rome
Fleet son of Oileus
Wily King of Ithaca
King of Mycenae
Former Queen of Sparta
Violent son of the Myrmidon chief
Water nymph
Son of Nestor, friend of Achilles
Cretan captain
Persuades Achilles to return the body of his son
Queen of Troy
Nobleman who argued for the return of the Spartan Queen to the Greeks
Father of Achilles
Goddess of Love
Queen of Olympus
Son of Leto
God of War
God of the Sea
Forges arms at the request of Thetis
Goddess of Wisdom
Youngest son of Cronus

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