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Can you name the Flash facts from A-Z?

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FactAnswerStarts with
The Flash's magician enemyA
Alter ego of the second FlashB
The Flash's icy enemyC
Villain that was first known as Mister ElementD
Professor Zoom's alter egoE
Villain that can shift his personal dimensionsF
The Flash's ape foeG
Villain that wields a flamethrowerH
One of Bart Allen's codenamesI
Alter ego of the first FlashJ
Home to the first and third Flash. K
Wife of the third FlashL
Villain that uses reflective surfacesM
This new universe was a direct result of the events of FlashpointN
FactAnswerStarts with
Alter ego of the second Captain BoomerangO
Former villain turned ally. Uses hypnotic fluteP
Codename of Jesse Chambers. Jesse _ _ _ _ _Q
Collection of the Flash's villainsR
Extra-dimensional energy the Flash usesS
Flash villian that wields bag of jokes and trapsT
Delivers toys with the FlashU
Bart Allen's girlfriend. Was present when he died. V
Alter ego of the third FlashW
One half of the Tornado TwinsX
Team Bart Allen belongs toY
Another name for the Reverse FlashZ
BONUS- Year the Flash first appearedNumber

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