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Forced Order
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Leader of the Scratchers
Annoying kid who follows Roboblaze
A ghost from Northlake
Ultra Kid's nemesis
Santa's next in command
Mayor of Dragon City
Pixel Pop mixed with Kirby
Ninja made of iron
Invented Satan
A.K.A. Agent Volkov
Robust's first creation
Eadible Hallowe'en henchman
Evilofen's repair droid
Termination Machine with lasers
Roboblaze's bloodsucking friend
Roboblaze's negative
A stick man with a cap
Death Warriors leader
Main character
Inmate in Roboblaze's prison
A military scientist
Robot spy with metal bar
The Ghosthunter
Orange member of the Three Brothers of Death
Termination Machine with miniguns
The leader of the military
Dead Hallowe'en henchman
Wears a baseball cap
A friend of Lizard Boy
Wants to cancel Christmas
Alcoholic outside Northlake Tavern
Silver member of the Three Brothers of Death
Death Warriors second in command
Death Warriors sniper
Boy with lizard powers
Evilofen's rival robotics scientist
Mr Glump's boss
Magical Hallowe'en henchman
The leader of Johnson's army
Terrorist who crashes planes
Zombie with an axe
A mega version of Roboblaze
A dark version of Roboblaze
A robot sent back in time
Father Christmas
Roboblaze's creator
A creature who was sent to kill Roboblaze
Black member of the Three Brothers of Death
Tour guide at Baked to a Crisp
Roboblaze's zombie friend
Termination Machine with knives
Oboblaze prototype
A guy who despises Christmas
Death Warriors assassin
Darkghost's friend who is also a ghost
Dragon City Bank Manager
Works at the Pego factory
Darkghost's best friend who is made of nuclear waste
Oboblaze who fires golden bullets
Gatekeeper of the Underworld
Good mega version of Roboblaze
Jack Frost's bodyguard
The military's top agent
A Hallowe'en serial killer
The corpse of a fictional character
Superhero who's still a kid

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