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YearFilmLead actor
1986Chip Zien
1997Tommy Lee Jones
1998Wesley Snipes
2000Hugh Jackman
2002Wesley Snipes
2002Tobey Maguire
2002Tommy Lee Jones
2003Ben Affleck
2003Hugh Jackman
2003Eric Bana
2004Thomas Jane
2004Tobey Maguire
2004Wesley Snipes
2005Jennifer Garner
2005Matthew Le Nevez
2005Ioan Gruffudd
2006Hugh Jackman
2007Nicolas Cage
2007Tobey Maguire
2007Ioan Gruffudd
2008Robert Downey Jr
YearFilmLead actor
2008Edward Norton
2008Ray Stevenson
2009Hugh Jackman
2010Aaron Taylor-Johnson
2010Robert Downey Jr
2011Chris Hemsworth
2011James McAvoy
2011Chris Evans
2012Nicolas Cage
2012Samuel L. Jackson
2012Will Smith
2012Andrew Garfield
2013Robert Downey Jr
2013Hugh Jackman
2013Aaron Taylor-Johnson
2013Chris Hemsworth
2014Chris Evans
2014Andrew Garfield
2014Hugh Jackman
2014Chris Pratt

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