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How much do you know about D. Gray-man?

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What is the main character's name?
Where is his Innocence?
What is the first episode of the anime called?
What is the first chapter of the manga called?
What was Lavi's previous name?
How many pieces of Innocence are there?
What is Kanda's favorite food?
What is the first opening called?
What is the second opening called?
What is the third opening called?
What is the fourth opening called?
What is one type of Innocence
What is Kanda's Innocence called?
What is Lenalee's Innocence called?
What is Allen's Innocence called?
What is Cross's Innocence called?
Road comes in in what story Ark?
How many Generals are there? (Including General Yeeger)
Who wields Charity Bell?
Which Noah was Allen fighting when he reached Critical Point?
How did Allen stop the Ark's download?
What does Allen's curse enable him to do?
Who is the Second Exorcist
Who is Allen's master?
What are Tyki's Noah powers?
Tyki is the Noah of what?
Road is the Noah of what?
Who was Allen's foster father?
What is Allen prophesied to be?
What is the highest level of Akuma documented so far?
Who is Mana's brother?
What is Allen's favorite food?
What number of apostle is Tyki?
What does Baka Usagi translate to in English?
What does Moyashi translate to in English?
What is Miranda's Innocence called?
Jasdero and Devit, together they make who?
How many Noahs are there?
What substance do all Noahs wield?
What does Tyki take from all the Exorcists he kills?

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