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Forced Order
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When was D-Day?
When did WWI end?
What new technologies were implemented?
Who made up the Axis?
How was Germany responsible for causing WWI?
What problems did Germany face after WWI?
Why was Russia allied with Serbia duringWWI?
In June 1935 what did the UK make with Germany that eases prior restrictions?
What three countries did Germany invade on the same day the British Prime Minister resigned?
Who started WWII?
When did the U.S. enter WWI?
What was the Treaty of Versailles?
What document united Japan, Italy and Germany to form the Axis Powers?
Why didnt the U.S. join the League of Nations?
What countries made up the Stresa Frent?
How did U.S. help allies in WWI?
Was the U.S. entrance into WWI avoidable or inevitable?
How did proaganda affect WWI?
Who did Japan engage in warfare the most with during WWII?
What country seized Paris?
What sparked Americas entrance into WWI?
What form of government did Adolf Hitler abolish?
What caused World War I?
Who did Britain and France declare war on early in WWII?
What dictator led the Nazi Party during WWII?
When did WWII begin?
How many Russian casualties were on the Eastern front?
How many Canadians fought in WWI?
What country was also called the 'Red Army'?
What country did Italy invade in October of 1935?

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