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Forced Order
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What is Danny's girlfriend's first name? 
And her last name? 
Where does Danny's shot while blindfolded actually go? 
Where does Ty tell him it went? 
Why can't Danny come to visit the Bishop's new Center? 
What score does Danny tell the judge Ty shot? 
How much is Ty's uncashed check for? 
Who does Lacey joke is Ty's decorator? 
Which room does Ty suggest that Lacey and he go in? 
Which zen philosopher does Ty quote? 
The first type of grass in Carl Spackler Bent? 
The second? 
The third? 
What sort of joint has Carl rolled? 
What is Carl's boss's name? 
Of whom is Al a guest? 
What kind of drink does Al ask for at the party? 
Name one of the two heavies Al asks to help the judge find his checkbook 
What is the name of his guest for the day? 
What is his guest's religion? 
How much does Lou charge for a Coke? 
Where has Lou been losing recently? 
What does that sign say? 
What does THAT sign say? 
What does it mean? 
What is Lacey's last name? 
What color is Lacey's swimsuit? 
What tells Lacey how hot she can get Danny? 
Name one of the things Lacey does for excitement 
What is Lacey's relationship to Judge Smails? 
Judge Smails
What is parked in the Judge's space? 
After Judge Smails suggests Ty should play with him and Dr Beeper, what does Ty call the Judge 
What is Judge Smails's boat called? 
What does Judge Smails call his special putter? 
What does Judge Smails tell Danny the world needs too? 
What number is on the flag that disappears into the ground as the Judge drives up? 
What kind of car does Dr Beeper drive? 
Who is the third guy playing with Tony and Danny in the Caddy Tournament? 
Where does Tony's opening drive end up, according to Danny? 
Who breaks the gumball machine? 

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