Name Songs By Nicki Minaj (featured/wrote) By Lyrics

Can you name the Name Songs By Nicki Minaj (featured/wrote) By Lyrics?

'Can I get salt all around that rim rim rim rim'
'Justin Beiber, you know Imma hit em with a E-ther'
'Anyway burn brudale, whats that? I dunno, but Femme Fatale'
'My name is Onika you can call me Nicki'
'Left from Jamaica going far in cotoure'
'Wuh, Im Roman, Im a barbarian, Im Conan'
'Well you gon really need a wish right now when my goons come through and start shootin stars'
'In my space shuttle cause Im not comin down, Im a stereo and shes just so monotone'
'Im a street fighta, call me Chung Lee, and Im comin down, like a bum knee'
'You see I really cant relate to your Volvo, and you cant get these shoes outta Aldo'
'Put me in a ward, psychie, smash more clubs than Tiger Woods wify!'
'I always ride slow when I straddled in, and my sh*ts so wet you gotta paddle in'
'Comin through the club, all my girls in the back of me, this aint football why the f*ck they try to tackle me?'
'I just want you to father my young, I just want you to be my doctor, we can get it crackin chiropractah'
'Worship the queen and you might get past, keep it real even these b*tches couldnt wipe my ass'
'As they disrobed I was oogleling and ahgleling, little did they know that for me they were modeling'
'F*cking little ****, f*ckin up my decors, couldnt get Micheal Kors if you was f*ckin Micheal Kors'
'Lobsta, sushi rolls, with a side of soy-o sauce, get yo chop sticks cause we dont give a f*ck'
'I think I like your style yo, why yo, why dont we let go'
'Okay really, okay really, I get money like a b*tch, she aint goin no whurr, but I swear that b*tch a trip'
'He could ball with the crew, he could solo, but I think I like him better when he dolo'
'Got my own TV production company, so tell Harpo to hit me Sealy'
'3 letters CMB, competition, I dont see any'
'When Im out the country **** call me Neeki, hi how are you, yes its nice to meet me'
'Press rewind, Einstien, Im lookin for that Einstien, Wales, London, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Idoline, South Africa, and Brazil, shut the club down, ring the bell'

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