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Albums (Year of release)Band/Artist Name
The Number of the Beast(1982), Fear of the Dark(1992), Dance of Death(2003)
---- ---- and Party(1992), Beautiful World(2006), Progress(2010)
Just for You(1967), You Don't Bring Me Flowers(1978), Primitive(1984), Lovescape(1991), Home Before Dark(2008)
Off the Wall(1979), Bad(1987), Dangerous(1991), Invincible(2001)
Mothers Milk(1989), One Hot Minute(2005), Stadium Arcadium(2006), I'm With You(2011)
The Times They Are a-Changin'(1964), Blood on the Tracks(1975), Down in the Groove(1988), Good as I Been to You(1992)
Doggystyle(1993), Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss(2002), Doggumentary(2011)
[Self Titled](1964), Sticky Fingers(1971), Dirty Work(1986), Bridges to Babylon(1997), A Bigger Bang(2005)
Forbidden Fruit(1960), Gifted & Black(1971), Nina's Back(1985)
Do You Want More?!!!??!(1995), Phrenology(2002), How I Got Over(2010)
Albums (Year of release)Band/Artist Name
[Self Titled](1973), A Kind of Magic(1986), Innuendo(1991)
Songs of Our Soil(1959), I Walk the Line(1964), Ragged Old Flag(1974), Boom Chicka Boom(1990)
Significant Other(1999), Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water(2000), Gold Cobra(2011)
Infinite(1996), The Marshal Mathers LP(2000), Recovery(2010)
[Self Titled](1995), Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace(2005), Wasting Light(2011)
One Step Beyond...(1979), Mad Not Mad(1985), Wonderful(1999), The Liberty of Norton Folgate(2009),
Murmur(1983), Automatic for the People(1992), Accelerate(2008)
Master of Puppets(1986), Load(1996), St. Anger(2003)
Piano Man(1973), The Bridge(1986), River of Dreams(1993), Fantasies & Delusions(2001)
Boy(1980), Zooropa(1993), No Line on the Horizon(2009)

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