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What is getting gradually louder?
If you are soft you are?
Smooth without silence is?
Fortissimo is what?
Your playing at 90bpm you are?
Adjusting pitch to stay in tune with each other instrument?
is sharp a half step higher or lower?
What does da capo mean?
When you are loud you are?
Ritardando means?
what do you do when you decrescendo?
When there is a fermata what do you?
what is medium loud?
What is Sforzando?
Balance is?
True or False:Sharp is a half step Lower?
What is a natural note?
Fp is short for?
Staccato is?
How fast is allegro?
When you return to the previous tempo it is?
What happens when you see a coda?
From the sign means......
What is 3 or more different notes that sound simultaneously?
The difference in pitch between two notes is what?
Enharmonic Equivilant is ......
Lines that are above the staff for high notes are....
The place where the notes are is called the......
The symbol for low sound intruments is.......
When each sound fits into each other sound it is called what?
The symbol for high sound instruments is....
Medium Quiet is considered what?
What is the term for very quiet?
Moving at 60bpm is......
This word is a form of staccato but with sfz
Notes played without seperathion is called.....

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