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Can you name the lyrics of the Soviet Union's National Anthem (1917 - 1944)?

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__________ Union of Freeborn Republics.
Great ________ Has Welded Forever to Stand.
Created in Struggle by _______ of the People.
United and _______ Our Soviet Land!
_________ to the Motherland,
Home of the ________.
Bulwark of Peoples in __________ Strong.
Oh! Party of __________!
The _________ of the People!
To _________'s Triumph Lead Us On!
Through ___________ the Sunrays of Cheered Us,
Along the _______ Path Were Great Lenin Did Lead.
To a __________ Cause He Raised Up the Peoples.
Inspired Them To Labour and Valorous _________.
Sing to the _____________,
Home of the ________.
__________ of Peoples in Brotherhood Strong.
____! Party of Lenin!
The Strength of the ________!
To _________'s Triumph Lead Us On!
In the __________ of Communism's _________ ideal,
We See the _________ of Our Dear Land!
And to Her Fluttering _________ Banner,
Selflessly ________ We Always Shall Stand!
_______ to the Motherland,
_______ of the Free.
Bulwark of Peoples in ________ Strong.
Oh! _________ of Lenin!
The Strength of the _________!
To ____________'s Triumph Lead Us On!

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