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Forced Order
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The amount of letters in the Russian Alphabet.
A system used to learn Asiatic languages such as Mandarin Chinese.
A Caucasus country that gained independence from the Soviet Union on the 9th of April 1991.
The third most common worship. (COUNT THEM ALL).
The largest country in Africa.
The closest country to Australia.
The second largest island in the Maltese Archipelago.
The first person to be declared the King of England.
The amount of communist countries there are today.
The Islamic Holy Book.
The capital city of Kyrgyzstan.
The heaviest breed of dog in the world.
The year the Great War began.
The Ankgor Wat is located in this country.
Seventh most spoken language in the world.
Jesus Christ was born in a stable in _______.
A set of bones designed to protect the heart and lungs.
The number of regions in Italy.
Afrikaans is mainly spoken in which country?
This Russian Tsar ruled from 1881 - 1894.
The smaller of the two countries which Mongolia borders.
The amount of elements found in a standard periodic table.
The first science taught in high school alphabetically.
The town in which Charles Darwin was born.
The larger of the two countries you can see from the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

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