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Can you name the Twilight Princess Key Characters?

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Character HintCharacter
Assisted the sick Zora prince
Resident of Kakariko Village and became a surrogate father to Ordon children for a while
Zora prince
Young boy captured by a gang of Bulblins
Savior of Hyrule and the Twilight Realm
Gets captured and befriends a female monkey
Sells bombs
Started a bargain shop in Hyrule Castle Town
Princess of the Twilight Realm and Link's companion
Princess of Hyrule
Lends the Golden Cucco out to Link
King of evil that killed the Sage of Water
Kidnapped a child of Ordon
Character HintCharacter
Researches ancient artifacts for the Resistance
Provided assistance regarding Snowpeak
Telma's companion that assisted Link when Midna was in peril
Assisted in gaining access to the Gerudo Desert
Ursurper King that turned Hyrule to Twilight
Resident of the Hidden Village
Deceased Zora queen
Master in the art of sumo-wrestling
Patriarch of the Gorons
Resident of the City in the Sky along with son
Transformed into Blizzeta by interaction with a Mirror Shard
Link's trusty steed
Lost her memory and gave Link the Horse Call

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