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Which book is Bella seen reading in the beginning of New Moon?
What is Renee's maiden name?
What is Jane and Alec's nickname?
Which gift did Bella open that gave her a paper cut?
How many vampires are in the Volturi Guard?
Which coven of vampires fought against the Volturi?
What is the last word of Breaking Dawn?
What does Jacob leave in Bella's driveway at the end of New Moon?
What title was Japser in the Texas Confederate Army?
What is the first chapter of Twilight titled?
Why is Billy Black confined to a wheelchair?
What are Jacob's sisters' names?
What were Edward's parents' names?
How did Carlisle and Esme first meet?
Jane and Alec were accused of what in their human life?
Why does Gianna continue to be a secretary for the Volturi?
How long had Riley's parents been looking for him?
What is the color of Jacob's fur?
What fictional character does Bella compare Jacob to in New Moon?
What color is Forks High School?

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