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Guess what this is Be VERY SPECIFIC
What is the name if the ruler of Rapture?
What is Booker Dewitt's daughters name?
Who is Booker Dewitt?
Who is the ruler of Rapture in bioshock 2?
What model of big daddy do you play as in Bioshock 2?
What's your little sisters name in Bioshock 2?
What is the first plasmid for you to ever acquire?
What's the first vigor you ever acquire?
What is the last vigor you acquire? Also the best one.
What is the plasmid that can freeze people?
What is the name of the man that froze you in Bioshock 1?
Who were you getting pictures for in bioshock 1?
What are the audio diaries called in bioshock infinite?
Guess what this is Be VERY SPECIFIC
What are the things you can look into in bioshock infinite?
What's the first weapon you get in bioshock infinite?
What's the melee weapon in bioshock 1?
What's are the enemies in bioshock 1 and 2 called?
What are the other enemies?
What do little sisters carry, and like to drink?
What phrase makes jack into a slave?
Who perfected mind control?
Who is atlas?
What initials does Booker have on his hand?
Which finger does Elizabeth have cut off?
Which game is your favorite?

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