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'The Press are convinced that he bought a paper every day / And that his reactions to advertisements were normal in every way'
'Against the rubber tongues of cows and the hoeing hands of men / Thistles spike the summer air'
'The sky is white as clay, with no sun/ Work has to be done/ Postmen like doctors go from house to house'
'And the unicorn evils run them through / Split all ends up they shan't crack / And death shall have no dominion'
'Awake for ever in a sweet unrest / Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath / And so live ever--or else swoon to death'
'And now we reached the orchard-plot / And, as we climbed the hill / The sinking moon to Lucy's cot / Came near, and nearer still'
'Now Hate rules a heart which in Love's easy chains / Once Passion's tumultuous blandishments knew'
'O had I lived when song was great / In days of old Amphion / And ta'en my fiddle to the gate / Nor cared for seed or scion!'
'Our Bog is dood, our Bog is dood / They lisped in accents mild / But when I asked them to explain / They grew a little wild'
'My hungry Soul he fill'd with Good / He in his Bottle put my tears / My smarting wounds washt in his blood / And banisht thence my Doubts and fears'

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