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Can you name the protagonists and antagonists of video games from the NES?

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DescriptionsProtagonist and AntagonistGame
An Italian plumber, and The King of the Koopas.
Amphibian trio and a Queen of much sex appeal.
The perfect warrior raised by an alien race, who uses a power suit and a large brain with an eye contained in a jar.
Special forces operative and his commanding officer, revealed to be secretly the leader of the enemy forces.
A man in a 'Keikogi' and slippers who is kung fu fighting his way through 5 floors and the nefarious, villainous man who stole his girlfriend.
DescriptionsProtagonist and AntagonistGame
Vampire killer and the most famous vampire of them all...
Two military commandos sent from a taskforce and a terrorist organization/alien threat. Name the taskforce or the commandos.
A nameless prince(Just say The Prince, the villain's the hard one) and a fiendish man who has seized power of the throne and the princess.
The earlier incarnation of the Italian plumber and a big bad gorilla.
Another prince, but with a name and a pet monkey and another evil man who wants the throne and the princess.
DescriptionsProtagonist and AntagonistGame
Four youths prophesied to restore order and the fallen knight of Cornelia.
A courageous knight and the King of the Demon World.
Two parka-donning mountain climbers and a giant eggplant-stealing Condor.
A young Angel trapped in the Underworld, and a Greek mythological character who is the Goddess of Darkness in this game.
A ninja seeking to avenge his father and a man who wants to destroy the world by awakening a demon.
DescriptionsProtagonist and AntagonistGame
Everybody's favourite cute, pink ball and the self-centered, mallet-wielding monarch.
The humble, elf-like adventurer boy and the pig-like sorcerer King of pure evil.
A blue cyborg boy and one of the scientists who created him gone mad.
Four adolescent freak fighting reptiles and the muscular, armoured leader of a clan that loves feet apparently.

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