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Can you name the Protagonists and Antagonists of SEGA Mega Drive(Genesis) Videogames?

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DescriptionsProtangonist and AntagonistFirst Appearance (on system)
A speedy blue, spiny mammal with a knack for foiling the plans of his egg-shaped, robot-building nemesis.
An elite, dash-kicking super ninja with a sword against the child-napping criminal group that reappears in every game.
The determined heroine with a thirst for revenge and the King transformed into a tyrant when he got possessed by the personification of evil itself.
Awesome Possum's cooler cousin in armor and a rocketpack, and the corrupt black knight similar to our hero who kidnapped Princess Sherry.
A star-shaped hero that likes to grab and smash himself into things and the evil space pirate that terrorizes planets.
A dolphin on a search for his family and the huge xenomorph-lookalike.
The prince of the planet Aries with huge ears and sideburns and the evil, rock-paper-scissors master.
A green robot made of orbs and his evil creator who planned to rule the world with him and his robotic siblings by having them all mind-controlled.
A rebel blasting their way through space in a ship like all shmups and the evil who all our base belong to.
DescriptionsProtangonist and AntagonistFirst Appearance (on system)
A dwarf, barbarian and amazon battle against the forces of the evil who stole the King, the King's daughter, a golden relic, and the heroes' loved ones. (Only 1 hero necessary)
The gladiator daughter of a sorcerer and the monster she banished into an outer-space cocoon until it falls to Earth.
A prince who discovered a magical armlet that belonged to a wizard, and the four spirits that were summoned by the armlet's twin, the silver armlet. (Only 1 villain necessary)
A Rayman-like puppet with a head used to attack his enemies and the evil puppet who wants to rule the land of puppets.
The starving comic book artist and freelance musician in NYC and the mutant who escaped into his comic book.
A mummy with a face transplanted into his torso and the demon from Hell who leads his underworld army against him.
A boy who is the epitomy of cool enters a virtual reality game in an arcade, and the boss of the game who freed himself from the game and kidnapped kids.
The King of Pop in a fedora and... the evil man responsible... for stealing children...
A 16-year old of the Hunter's guild in Aiedo and the magician who aims for total annihilation of the whole solar system.

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