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Outstanding Terps point guard
You might get this frosted
What it's called when N.C. State beats us
You might get wet on a log one of this
How smoke might rise from a couch burning on Frat Row
Greivis has giant ones (think Eastbound and Down)
People who might join the Terrapin Club
In Shakespearean English, this is how Viper would say 'he arrives.'
If they cloned a popular local message board that the Suque trolls, you'd have two...
When you hear these start up, you know R&R Part II is starting
An ancient unit of mass, pluralized
CluesWord Being GuessedQuiz Twists
No Maryland game thread ever goes more than 2 pages without this
...and no recruitment for Hogie lacks this (just make sure to drop the 'u')
Coach Turgeon's been away from home so much, you could call him a...
You play your Ryan Harrow card, and I'll play my Stoglin. Yours sucks, and mine's the...
A Terps losing streak, or how you sit in your chair during it.
How you drink your soda at Comcast Center, if you're in a hurry
What Greivis heard whenever he played at N.C. State
These guys drafted James Gist.
What Stevie and Julius Hodge have been known to do on occasion...
What attendence is going to be in 2011/2012
What your average N.C. State fan does to farm animals.

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