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plays an important role in arousal. Damage=Coma
Processes sensory input. Coordinates balance and movement
The Brain's sensory switchboard
Controls heartbeat, breathing and swallowing
part of the limbic system that plays a vital role in memory
Director of several maintenance activities (eating, drinking, body temp) linked to reward centers, and master of the pituitary gland
Structure in the limbic system linked to emotion: specifically fear and anger
LOBE that has the motor cortex. Also involved in plans, judgement
LOBE that has sensory cortex.
LOBE that receives most of our visual information
LOBE that includes auditory areas
Structure that connects the left and right hemispheres of the brain
Area in the left hemisphere that is involved in language. It controls language EXPRESSION that directs the muscle movements involved in speech
Area in the left hemisphere that is involved in speech. Controls language reception and COMPREHENSION

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