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Can you name the Local Food spots in Downpatrick, Newcastle, Crossgar, Portaferry, Killough, Ardglass and a few more!

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Multinational business,downpatrick newcastle ardglass
New and **** chippy in DPK
Employs half the year
The worst chippy in DPK
Really good chinese, definitely doesn't have 3 star hygiene rating
Up there with the greatest, flying horses finest
Open 24 hours a day, perfect after a night out
Literally leeches of our schools existent
Dole pizza in dpk, somehow people love it across from gordons
Random restaurant near bargainland, only good to hide behind doing dirt.
Leeches off tech loving asian food fanatics
Supreme pizza, cant beat the lunch deal
Highly rate chinkers
Ethan Artt loves a kebab from here after beating the roundhouse regulars
Lunchtime haven, chinky as like
Ardglass' main attraction and its not anything to even do with ardglass
Proper restaurant in castlewellan
Beside JR's, upper echelon of the chippies
One in DPK and Newcastle, does a decent piece of chicken
Newcastles griesiest hole
Pizza in Castlewellan
Castlewellan only half decent chinese
Decent wee chippy like
Proper restaurant newcastle
Mexican as
Chippy after amusements
Nice desserts every **** and their granny goes here
Good ass pizza in nc
Dole munchers after Quinns central
Finn Daveys hotspot
Portaferrys pride and joy
Chink says its good but I think its a captain
Chinkers in portaferry where you have to throw money down it to get food
They lit cook the boat in portaferry
Strangfords Mr Fitzsimons resting place
They catch sea creatures here out in strangford
**** hotel but alright food
Crossgars Supreme
**** crossgar dole munching equivalent to oscars
Stefans favourite crossgar munching place
Killoughs only half redeeming quality
Dundrums best chippy nej acc great
Proper restaurant in dundrum, sits on top of aneck
Stefans place of work
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Created Dec 10, 2018ReportNominate
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