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Can you name the Buckethead albums by song?

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Griffin's Spike, Harpoon the Goon
Seperate Sky, The Return of Captain EO
For Mom (early version), Spirals
Siege Engine, Spooner Arks
Red Water Colors, Veil of Tinfoil
Flight 19, Whatevas
Giant Robot Theme, Computer Master
The Cobra's Hood, Frozen Brains Tell No Tales
Light, Star Chasing
For Mom, Watching The Boats With My Dad
King James, Soothsayer
Arc Of The Pendulum, Moths to Flame
Sneak Attack, Aunt Suzie
Destroyer, Quantum Crash
Asylum of Glass, Disceto
Beyond the Knowing, Bachethead
Padmasana, Datura
Final Wars, Gigan
Wormers, Pullets
Botnus, Funbus
Whirlwind, Plunger
Space Mountain, La Grima
Covert, R.I.P.
Doomride, Aquabot
Johnny Be Slunk, Plastination Station
Dream Darts, Korova Binge Bar
Lebrontron, Brooding Peeps
Breakfast Cyborg, Pylon Shift
Golden Eyes, Look Up There
Jump Man, Jowls
Carcass Cable, Firnace
Plankton, Towel in the Kitchen
Too Many Humans, ...
Inward Journey, Walk on the Moon
Counter Clockwise, Smile Without a Face
Lebron, Goat Host
Help Me, Burlap Curtain
Whale On This, Bayou By You
Underground Chamber

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