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Can you name the 100 Progressive Rock Bands and Artists ('60s/'70s) by the three song titles given?

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O Caroline; Smoke Signal; Signed Curtain
Le Photographe Exorciste; Je Suis d'Ailleurs; L'Araignée-Mal
Dancing With The Moonlit Knight; Watcher Of The Skies; The Musical Box
Seppia; Strativari; Cocomelastico
I Could Never Be A Soldier; Snails; Ship
Lady Rachel; Whatevershebringswesing; Joy Of A Toy Continued
Hamburger Concerto; Hocus Pocus; Sylvia
Vitamin C; Halleluhwah; Future Days
Inca Roads; Peaches En Regalia; Cosmik Debris
El Anillo del Capitán Beto; Irregular; Las Golondrinas de Plaza de Mayo
Killer; A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers; After The Flood
Sogno, Risveglio, E...; Il Tempo Della Gioia; Immagini Sfocate
Hymne à La Vie; Au-Delà Du Délire; Ode à Émile
How The Gypsy Was Born; Indian Rope Man; Take Care Of Illusion
Night Flight; I Am And So Are You; All Along The Watchtower
Antiche Conclusioni Negre; Al Mancato Compleanno di una Farfalla; C'è Un Paese al Mondo
Thick As A Brick; Minstrel In The Gallery; Aqualung
Uno Zoo Di Vetro; Frazz; La Bottega Del Rigattiere
Sospesi Nell'Incredibile; Cemento Armato; Gioco di Bimba
Poseidon's Creation; The Light From Deep Darkness; Le Réveil du Soleil/The Dawn
Della Natura; Zarathustra: L'Ultimo Uomo; Dell'Eterno Ritorno
Phantasmagoria; Vivaldi; Melinda (More or Less)
Julia; Valkerie; Late November
Köhntarkösz; Kobaïa; Mekanïk Kommandöh
Birth, Life And Death; Walk On The Bad Side; I'm On My Way
Negru Vodă; Invocaţie; Mugur de Fluier
Nirvana For Mice; Beautiful as the Moon – Terrible as an Army with Banners; Deluge
R.I.P (Requiescant In Pace); Non Mi Rompete; Danza Dei Grandi Rettili
Sea Song; Team Spirit; Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road
El Cortejo De Un Día Amarillo; El Viaje de Anabelas; Sueños de Maniquí
In Held 'Twas In I; A Whiter Shade Of Pale; Quite Rightly So
Isadora; Jig-A-Jig; Northern Emisphere
July Morning; The Spell; The Magician's Birthday
Secondo Incontro; Missione Sirio 2222; Epilogo
Illusions on a Double Dimple; Spartacus; Across The Waters
A Girl Named You; Psychopath; Present From Nancy
Gioia e Rivoluzione; Luglio, Agosto, Settembre (Nero); Cometa Rossa
Elegy; St. Peter; Going North, Going West
Halloween; The Strands of the Future; Pollen
Vendesi Saggezza; Forse Le Lucciole Non Si Amano Più; Non Chiudere a Chiave Le Stelle
The Fall of the House of Usher; I Robot; The Raven
Soap Shop Rock; Between The Eyes; Phallus Dei
Bulerias; She Flew Across The Room; Looking Outside (My Window)
Adagio (Shadows); Il Sole Nascerà; C'è Troppa Guerra
Death Walks Behind You; Black Snake; Sleeping For Years
Animale Senza Respiro; L'Uomo; Canzona (There Will Be Time)
Nights In White Satin; The Story In Your Eyes; Isn't Life Strange
Tubular Bells; Ommadawn; Hergest Ridge
Blinded By The Light; Father of Day, Father of Night; Time Is Right
Wish You Were Here; Astronomy Domine; Echoes
3, Almost 4, 6 Yea; and if You Don't I'll Carve Your Mouth Out; Boris and His 3 Verses, Including Flow Guides Aren't My Bag; Tuta in the Moya & Tyreczimmage
Mumps; Shaving Is Boring; Didn't Matter Anyway
L'Amico Suicida; Ansia; Confessione
Radar Love; She Flies On Strange Wings; Candy's Going Bad
Opening Move; Midnight Mushrumps; Checkmate
Moon In June; Why Are We Sleeping?; Facelift
Lady Fantasy; Rhayader; Freefall
21st Century Schizoid Man; Lizard; One More Red Nightmare
Warrior; The Pilgrim; Sometime World
Clean Innocent Fun; Garden Of Earthly Delights; Metempsychosis
Space Shanty; Stargazers; Mixed Up Man Of The Mountains
2112; Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres; A Farewell To Kings
The Four Horsemen; It's Five O' Clock; Aegian Sea
No More White Horses; Morning; In Circles
Opal; Radio Marrakesch/Orient-Express; People From Out the Space
Flying Teapot; You Can't Kill Me; Radio Gnome Invisible
Anywhere; Solar Music; Sun Trip
En El Lago; Hijos Del Agobio; Abre La Puerta
Ars Longa Vita Brevis; America; The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack
Munich; To Play Your Little Game; Let Them Come When They Will
Mister Class And Quality?; Pantagruel's Nativity; The Advent Of Panurge
Profondo Rosso; La Danza; Suspiria
Gazing; Golden Fleece; Shipwrecked Soldier
In The Dead Of Night; Danger Money; Alaska
Song Of Scheherazade; Mother Russia; Ashes Are Burning
The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys; Forty Thousand Headmen; Glad
The Spirit Of Man; Forever Autumn; The Eve Of The War
Kuře v Hodinkách; Týden v Elektrickém Městě; Rám příštích obrazů
Sogni Di Cristallo; Su Una Rupe; Un Palco di Marionette
The Furthest Point; The Future Won't Be Long; Cogwheels, Crutches and Cyanide
Roundabout; Close To The Edge; Yours Is No Disgrace
Spanish Galleon; Where The Groupies Killed The Blues; Thus Spoke Oberon
New World; Flying; Autumn
Bloody Well Right; The Logical Song; Crime Of The Century
Green Eyed God; Blood Runs Deep; Mijo and the Lying of The Witch
Dorian Deep; The Arena; Born To Be Free
Golf Girl; Waterloo Lily; Nine Feet Underground
Summer Soldier; Galadriel; Mocking Bird
Il Giudizio; La Grande Fuga; Io Come Io
Places Of Light; Black Sand; Like a Place In The Sun
Depuis L'Autumne; Comme Un Sage; Histoires Sans Paroles
The Kettle; Valentyne Suite; Walking In The Park
Ode to Resistance; Classified Ads; Gideon's Trap
Celebration (È Festa); Impressioni Di Settembre; Geranio
Carry On Wayward Son; Song For America; Dust In The Wind
Reflections; Naked Death; Embryonic Fusion
Black Sheep Of The Family; Make Up Your Mind; Gemini
Diana; To Keep From Crying; Drip, Drip
The Barbarian; Tarkus; Lucky Man
Remember The Future; Astronauts Nightmare; A Tab In The Ocean

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