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Can you name the Christmas Songs that these people without the Christmas spirit are criticizing?

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What about (title)? And what's so fun about only one horse pulling your sleigh?
Hey! I'll decorate my house however I want to. And what's with all the Fas and Las?
Man, this lady must be really rich.
I'm sorry, but by the time I've went all the way there and back, Jesus will be a full grown man.
Excuse me, but if I'm gonna have a big Christmas, I can.
Why should I care? I live nowhere near Santa Claus Lane.
You seem pretty cheery for someone whose Grandmother might be unconcious now.
Are you sure? 'Cause there's alot better gifts out there.
Hey! Be quiet! I'm trying to sleep! You keep talking about a (title), and you won't stop singing!
Ok, I get the point! You wish me A merry Christmas. But isn't it a little early to be wishing me a happy New Year?
There making a pretty big deal about the branches. Don't they care about the presents underneath or the ornaments that are on it?

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