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Every Fusion monster in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG from the very start of the game to Legendary Duelists 3.

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Level Attribute Type SetFusion Monster
Level 10 LIGHT Machine SDKS
Level 8 LIGHT Machine SDKS
Level 5 WIND Dragon WCPP
Level 8 EARTH Warrior CIBR
Level 7 EARTH Beast CIBR
Level 6 FIRE Machine POTD
Level 5 WATER Aqua MDP2
Level 8 DARK Dragon DRLG
Level 8 EARTH Machine RATE
Level 9 EARTH Machine LED2
Level 6 WATER Sea Serpent MDP2
Level 9 LIGHT Warrior ANPR
Level 9 DARK Dragon CORE
Level 10 LIGHT Machine LED2
Level 12 DARK Fiend ANPR
Level 12 EARTH Machine YG08
Level 5 DARK Fiend AP02
Level 8 EARTH Dragon JUMP
Level 7 DARK Fiend MRD
Level 9 DARK Dragon MRD
Level 8 FIRE Pyro PRC1
Level 6 LIGHT Fairy CROS
Level 7 LIGHT Fairy SHVI
Level 10 LIGHT Dragon SHVI
Level 12 LIGHT Dragon JMP
Level 6 WATER Dinosaur LCJW
Level 8 DARK Dragon RATE
Level 8 LIGHT Warrior BOSH
Level 10 DARK Machine RATE
Level 3 FIRE Pyro LOB
Level 6 WIND Beast ABPF
Level 8 DARK Machine JUMP
Level 10 DARK Machine LEDD
Level 9 DARK Machine POTD
Level 5 DARK Machine BOSH
Level 9 DARK Warrior SDHS
Level 10 DARK Fiend MVP1
Level 6 FIRE Winged Beast CBLZ
Level 7 EARTH Warrior EEN
Level 10 LIGHT Machine CRV
Level 10 LIGHT Machine LED3
Level 7 EARTH Machine CDIP
Level 5 EARTH Machine MRD
Level 8 LIGHT Machine CRV
Level 8 DARK Machine CDIP
Level 10 DARK Dragon LED1
Level 8 DARK Fiend SDPD
Level 6 FIRE Fiend CT13
Level 7 DARK Fiend CORE
Level 10 DARK Fiend DOCS
Level 8 WATER Aqua SOI
Level 9 LIGHT Fairy CROS
Level 5 DARK Fiend LOD
Level 6 DARK Warrior RDS
Level 6 DARK Warrior DCR
Level 7 DARK Dragon DRLG
Level 8 DARK Dragon LEDD
Level 8 DARK Spellcaster MFC
Level 4 DARK Dragon LOB
Level 5 WATER Fish MRD
Level 6 DARK Warrior COTD
Level 10 DARK Warrior BLLR
Level 8 DARK Warrior DESO
Level 10 DARK Warrior LODT
Level 8 FIRE Dragon LC06
Level 8 WATER Dragon BOSH
Level 4 DARK Dragon DRL2
Level 10 WIND Dragon DREV
Level 12 LIGHT Dragon UE02
Level 8 DARK Dragon PGLD
Level 3 WIND Warrior LOB
Level 9 WATER Fiend CROS
Level 8 LIGHT Fairy DUEA
Level 7 FIRE Rock NECH
Level 10 EARTH Machine NECH
Level 6 WIND Psychic SECE
Level 5 DARK Spellcaster DUEA
Level 4 LIGHT Fairy CT14
Level 4 WATER Fairy CT12
Level 8 WATER Warrior YG04
Level 7 WIND Warrior STON
Level 7 WATER Warrior POTD
Level 9 DARK Warrior GLAS
Level 9 EARTH Warrior JUMP
Level 7 DARK Warrior POTD
Level 6 DARK Warrior TAEV
Level 12 LIGHT Warrior CSOC
Level 10 LIGHT Warrior MDP2
Level 8 DARK Warrior YG09
Level 6 WIND Warrior TLM
Level 7 FIRE Warrior POTD
Level 6 EARTH Warrior ANPR
Level 7 LIGHT Warrior STON
Level 7 EARTH Warrior STON
Level 8 WIND Warrior LC02
Level 8 FIRE Pyro PP02
Level 9 FIRE Warrior TAEV
Level 8 WATER Warrior TAEV
Level 5 WATER Warrior EOJ
Level Attribute Type SetFusion Monster
Level 6 EARTH Warrior MDP2
Level 9 EARTH Warrior CT15
Level 6 DARK Warrior EOJ
Level 7 LIGHT Warrior EXVC
Level 8 FIRE Warrior GENF
Level 6 FIRE Warrior EOJ
Level 8 EARTH Warrior GLAS
Level 6 EARTH Warrior EEN
Level 8 LIGHT Warrior EEN
Level 8 FIRE Warrior EOJ
Level 5 WATER Warrior DP1
Level 9 WIND Warrior PTDN
Level 8 WIND Warrior EEN
Level 8 EARTH Warrior PP02
Level 8 LIGHT Warrior YG06
Level 6 LIGHT Warrior TLM
Level 8 EARTH Warrior EOJ
Level 8 EARTH Warrior EEN
Level 6 EARTH Warrior MRD
Level 8 EARTH Fiend GLAS
Level 6 FIRE Fiend DP06
Level 6 FIRE Fiend GLAS
Level 6 LIGHT Fiend GLAS
Level 8 FIRE Fiend DP06
Level 8 EARTH Fiend DP06
Level 5 WIND Dragon LOD
Level 9 DARK Dragon NECH
Level 12 DARK Dragon SD09-SS
Level 3 DARK Zombie LOB
Level 5 FIRE Warrior LOB
Level 5 EARTH Beast LOB
Level 6 DARK Fiend NECH
Level 8 DARK Fiend CROS
Level 8 DARK Fiend DPDG
Level 8 WATER Fiend FUEN
Level 7 DARK Fiend CROS
Level 8 DARK Fiend DOCS
Level 5 DARK Fiend CROS
Level 6 DARK Fiend JUMP
Level 6 DARK Fiend NECH
Level 1 FIRE Psychic INOV
Level 3 EARTH Beast LOB
Level 10 EARTH Beast-Warrior STBL
Level 7 WIND Dragon LOB
Level 8 DARK Machine FET
Level 7 EARTH Aqua HA06
Level 6 EARTH Aqua HA05
Level 7 EARTH Pyro HA06
Level 10 EARTH Rock CORE
Level 5 EARTH Rock SECE
Level 9 EARTH Rock HA07
Level 6 EARTH Pyro HA05
Level 6 EARTH Thunder HA05
Level 7 EARTH Thunder HA06
Level 5 EARTH Fairy HA07
Level 8 EARTH Rock HA07
Level 5 LIGHT Warrior MRD
Level 8 DARK Beast-Warrior BLLR
Level 5 EARTH Beast EXVC
Level 7 DARK Dinosaur GLAS
Level 6 DARK Winged Beast LODT
Level 8 FIRE Beast-Warrior GLAS
Level 8 DARK Winged Beast PRIO
Level 8 DARK Beast-Warrior BLLR
Level 4 LIGHT Warrior DRL2
Level 10 EARTH Warrior BOSH
Level 6 DARK Zombie LCJW
Level 10 DARK Dragon FUEN
Level 7 WATER Aqua LON
Level 10 LIGHT Warrior BLRR
Level 6 EARTH Machine CBLZ
Level 10 EARTH Rock SDMY
Level 11 FIRE Fiend CORE
Level 4 DARK Beast FUEN
Level 6 WATER Dragon FUEN
Level 10 LIGHT Fairy FUEN
Level 8 EARTH Rock FUEN
Level 9 LIGHT Machine FUEN
Level 7 FIRE Fiend FUEN
Level 5 WIND Warrior FUEN
Level 7 LIGHT Dragon MDP2
Level 5 WIND Thunder MRD
Level 4 DARK Spellcaster AP03
Level 4 EARTH Warrior LOB
Level 7 DARK Dragon FET
Level 6 EARTH Beast ORCS
Level 6 EARTH Insect TP1
Level 7 DARK Machine MRD
Level 7 DARK Beast-Warrior SHVI
Level 10 DARK Beast-Warrior SHVI
Level 7 DARK Beast-Warrior SHVI
Level 1 WIND Winged Beast MACR
Level 5 WATER Fish AP06
Level 5 WATER Fish OP04
Level 8 WATER Warrior PRC1
Level 8 DARK Warrior PGL2
Level 6 WIND Warrior JUMP
Level 6 DARK Warrior SDHS
Level 8 EARTH Warrior PRC1
Level Attribute Type SetFusion Monster
Level 8 WIND Warrior SDHS
Level 6 FIRE Warrior GENF
Level 8 LIGHT Warrior SDHS
Level 6 WATER Warrior GENF
Level 9 EARTH Beast SOD
Level 4 WIND Winged Beast AP04
Level 6 WIND Machine LOB
Level 5 FIRE Psychic TDIL
Level 9 FIRE Psychic TDIL
Level 6 FIRE Psychic INOV
Level 8 FIRE Psychic TDIL
Level 8 FIRE Dragon PRC1
Level 8 DARK Dragon INOV
Level 1 DARK Spellcaster LED2
Level 8 LIGHT Dragon DRL2
Level 6 LIGHT Fairy RDS
Level 4 WATER Wyrm CT15
Level 7 EARTH Rock TDGS
Level 5 LIGHT Spellcaster MRD
Level 6 EARTH Rock AP01
Level 10 EARTH Beast HA04
Level 10 EARTH Rock WSUP
Level 4 WATER Warrior TAEV
Level 4 LIGHT Plant PTDN
Level 12 LIGHT Dragon MVP1
Level 10 DARK Dragon BLLR
Level 7 WIND Dragon DOCS
Level 6 LIGHT Beast SOD
Level 5 LIGHT Beast TAEV
Level 5 EARTH Machine DRLG
Level 5 LIGHT Machine DUEA
Level 8 DARK Fiend MACR
Level 5 EARTH Dinosaur MDP2
Level 7 DARK Plant FUEN
Level 6 WIND Winged Beast MRD
Level 6 EARTH Beast-Warrior MRD
Level 10 LIGHT Warrior PTDN
Level 12 LIGHT Dragon LED2
Level 4 WATER Fish OP03
Level 5 DARK Zombie PGD
Level 7 DARK Dragon DRL2
Level 7 DARK Dragon LED1
Level 6 WIND Pyro THSF
Level 6 WIND Thunder THSF
Level 10 LIGHT Psychic CROS
Level 6 WIND Aqua THSF
Level 6 WATER Aqua MRD
Level 4 LIGHT Warrior DRL2
Level 6 DARK Plant OP05
Level 8 DARK Dragon SECE
Level 6 EARTH Warrior LOD
Level 6 DARK Spellcaster SOD
Level 6 LIGHT Fairy CROS
Level 5 WATER Zombie RATE
Level 5 LIGHT Warrior SPWA
Level 12 DARK Warrior BLRR
Level 6 DARK Zombie AP05
Level 7 DARK Spellcaster MRD
Level 6 WIND Winged Beast OP02
Level 7 WIND Dragon MIL1
Level 6 DARK Fiend AP07
Level 7 LIGHT Fairy LON
Level 8 DARK Dragon INOV
Level 6 EARTH Machine CRV
Level 6 EARTH Machine LOD
Level 6 EARTH Machine LOD
Level 8 EARTH Machine POTD
Level 10 EARTH Machine LED1
Level 9 EARTH Machine GLAS
Level 8 LIGHT Dragon GLAS
Level 10 LIGHT Spellcaster STBL
Level 8 DARK Dragon COTD
Level 12 DARK Dragon MACR
Level 7 EARTH Warrior LON
Level 7 WIND Dragon MRD
Level 1 DARK Spellcaster PSV
Level 10 LIGHT Warrior DRL2
Level 2 LIGHT Spellcaster DRL2
Level 6 LIGHT Dragon ORCS
Level 7 LIGHT Thunder MRD
Level 8 LIGHT Dragon DRL2
Level 10 LIGHT Machine CRV
Level 10 EARTH Machine LODT
Level 10 LIGHT Psychic DREV
Level 5 FIRE Pyro AP08
Level 8 DARK Warrior GENF
Level 8 DARK Warrior GENF
Level 6 LIGHT Machine EEN
Level 8 LIGHT Machine EEN
Level 6 EARTH Warrior TP2
Level 8 WIND Spellcaster RATE
Level 10 LIGHT Reptile HA03
Level 6 LIGHT Machine MFC
Level 8 LIGHT Machine MFC
Level 6 LIGHT Machine MFC
Level 6 LIGHT Machine MFC
Level 3 DARK Zombie OP01

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