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Can you name the heroes/villains from Star Wars Battlefront 2 (including conversion pack)?

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Jedi Master (Twi'lek)
Admiral of Imperial Navy (Human)
Jedi Knight (Human)
Jedi (Human)
Jedi Padawan/Sith Apprentice (Dathmorian)
Bounty Hunter (Near-Human)
Jedi (Zabrak)
Jedi Padawan (Human)
Bounty Hunter (Human clone)
Bounty Hunter (Trandoshan)
Bounty Hunter (Human)
Mandalorian Warrior (Human)
Soldier of Galactic Republic (Human)
Rebel (Wookie)
Wookie chieftain
Jedi Temple Guard (Human)
Jedi (Human)
Sith Lord (Human)
Sith Lord (Human)
Sith Lord (Human)
Sith Lord (Zabrak)
Sith Lord (Human)
Sith Lord (Human)
Sith Lord (Human)
Sith Lord (Human)
Sith Lord (Human)
Dark Yedi (Chistori)
Bounty Hunter (Gen'Dai)
Commander of The Droid Army (Kaleesh)
Admiral of Imperial Navy (Chiss)
Bount Hunter (Rodian)
Bounty Hunter (Wookie)
Rebel (Human)
Jedi Hunter (Droid)
Bounty Hunter (Droid)
Bounty Hunter (Human)
Dark Jedi (Miraluka)
Jedi (Human)
Jedi Master (Cerean)
Jedi Master (Nautolan)
Dark Jedi (Human)
Jedi Master (Human)
Rebel/Jedi (Human)
Rebel (Human)
Jedi Knight (Wookie)
Rebel/Jedi Master (Human)
Jedi Master (Mirialian)
Jedi Master (Human)
Mandalorian warrior (Taung)
Jedi Master (Human)
Crew member of the Ebon Hawk (Twi'lek)
Rebel (Sullustan)
Jedi Master (Human)
B1 Battle Droid
Jedi Master (Kel Dor)
Leader of Black Sun (Falleen)
Rebel/ Jedi Master (Human)
Jedi Master (Human)
Jedi Master (Kiffar)
Sith Lord (Human)
Admiral of Galactic Republic Navy (Human)
Jedi Master (Togruta)
Jedi Knight (Human/Tusken Raider)
Sith Apprentice/Jedi (Human)
Sith Master (Humanoid)
Jedi Master (Humanoid)
Jedi Master (Human)
Rebel (Human)
Jedi Master (Humanoid)
Dark Yedi (Epicanthix)
Crew member of the Ebon Hawk (Wookie)
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