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Can you name the largest, biggest, tallest, etc... of each category, in the world?

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Largest Office Building
Tallest Building
Tallest Freestanding Tower
Largest Dam
Fastest Roller Coaster
Largest Hotel
Largest Radio Telescope
Highest Bridge
Tallest Statue
Largest Monolith
Longest Runway
Largest US Military Base
Largest Commercial Aircraft
Largest Cargo Aircraft
Largest Ship
Tallest Tree
Largest Airport
Longest River
Largest River
Largest Shopping Mall
Highest Waterfall
Longest Coastline (Country)
Largest Freshwater Lake (Surface Area)
Largest Lake (Surface Area)
Deepest Part of the Ocean
Largest Church
Largest Mosque
Largest Temple/Synagogue
Largest Stadium
Largest Desert
Largest Rain Forest
Largest Dome
Longest Race Track
Tallest Mountain (from base to peak)
Tallest Ferris Wheel
Largest Man Made Satellite
Heaviest Atomic Element

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