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Can you name the movies in which these actors (who have served in the military) played military roles?

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Gene Hackman, Corporal USMC
Secretary of Defense David Brice 
Admiral Leslie McMahon Reigart 
Major General Sosabowski 
Brigadier General Geroge Crook 
Captain Frank Ramsey 
Colonel Cal Rhodes 
Lieutenant Colonel Iceal Hambleton 
Major William Sherman Forster 
Sergeant Johnny Gallagher 
Sergeant Tweed 
Clint Eastwood, US Army Instructor
Colonel Frank Corvin 
Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway 
Keith Williams 
Mitchell Gant 
George Moseley 
Marine Medic 
Private Kelly 
Dale Dye, Capt. USMC
War Departmentr Colonel 
Captain Harris 
Captain Ruzicka 
General Peter Allyson 
General Temekin 
Commander Wiley 
General Perry 
First Engineer 
Captain Nick Garza 
Colonel Briggs 
Colonel Mike Anwalt 
General Y 
Sergeant Major 
Infantry Colonel 
Captain Hill 
Squad Leader 
R Lee Ermey, SSgt/Gunny USMC
Sergeant Loyce 
Eagle Thrust Seven Helo Pilot 
Gunnery Sergeant 
Gunnery Sergeant Hartman 
Colonel Joe Haines 
Captain Phillips 
General Kramer 
General Platt 
Benjamin Brewster 
Lieutenant Colonel J.P. McIntyre 
Colonel Rosewatrer 
Colonel Ben Wilder 
Sean Connery, British Royal Navy
Private Flanagan 
Captain Marko Ramius 
Colonel Nils Tahlvik 
Colonel Arbuthnot 
Major General Urghart 
Major Robert Dapes 
Pedlar Pascoe 
Lieutenant Colonel Alan Caldwell 
James Earl Jones, 1st Lt. US Army
Lieutenant Lothar Zogg 
Sergeant Major Goody Nelson 
Admiral James Grier 
Admiral James Grier 
Admiral James Grier 
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austrian Army
Colonel John Matrix 
Chuck Norris, USAF
Colonel James Braddock 
Major/Colonel Scott McCoy 
John T Booker 
Morgan Freeman, USAF
Sergeant Major John Rawlins 
General Billy Ford 
Colonel Abraham Curtis 
Geroge C Scott, USMC Instructor
General Harlem Bache 
General George S Patton Jr 
General Buck Turgidosn 

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