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Tasks and ObjectivesGame ShowHost(s)
Perform inane acts in 60 seconds or lessBud Collyer, Jack Narz, Monty Hall, Gene Wood
Panelist guess a persons occupationJohn Daly, Wally Bruner
10 people guess what 100 people chosen to be the most popular answerRay Combs, Louie Anderson, Richard Karn
Guess five letter words one letter at a timeChuck Woolery
Answer trivia questions while going for a rideBen Bailey
Solve a word association game where one word leads to anotherBill Cullen
Race through a grocery store to accumulate the highest billBill Malone
A single female wins a date with a bachelor by asking a series of questionsJim Lange
Compete in a silly talent showChuck Barris
Guess a word through one word cluesAllen Ludden
Decipher personalized license platesAl DuBois
Guess the cost of retail itemsDrew Carey, Bob Barker
Agree or disagree with three consecutive celebrities in a rowPeter Marshall, Tom Bergeron, John Davidson
Take turns describing and guessing 7 answers in a categoryDick Clark
Solve a phrase after revealing a pictographHugh Downs, Jack Berry, Bob Clayton, Ed McMahon
Tasks and ObjectivesGame ShowHost(s)
Solve puzzles resembling HangmanChuck Woolery, Pat Sajak
Guess the questions to given answersArt Flemming, Alex Trebek
101 people answer trivia questions for moneyBob Saget
Panelist determine who is being honest about a story they are tellingBud Collyer, Gary Moore
Women from 18 to 80 compete in a beauty contest to win less than $2.00Rip Taylor
Refrain from laughing at comediansRobert Q. Lewis
Answer 15 questions to win a million dollarsMeredith Vieira, Regis Philbin
Answer trivia questions from categories on a giant slot machineJack Berry, Bill Cullen
Panelist describe unknown objectsBill Armstrong, Allen Ludden
Match six celebrities with a fill in the blank sayingGene Rayburn
Play tic tac toe by answering trivia questionsWink Martindale
Answer 'elementary' questions with the help of school childrenJeff Foxworthy
Costumed contestants trade items hoping not to get zonkedMonty Hall
Win a million dollars by process of eliminating 26 beautiful modelsHowie Mandel
Husbands and wives try to match answers to questions about each otherCarnie Wilson, Bob Eubanks

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