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Can you name the athletes who have tried their hands at an acting career?

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Sport/TeamAthleteTV Show/Movie
Detroit Lions 58-62, 64-70
Miluakee Braves 62-63, St. Louis Cardinals 64-65, Philadelphia Phillies 66-67, Atlanta Braves 67
Professional Wrestler
Professional Wrestler
Professional Wrestler
Professional Wrestler
Seattle Seahawks 87-89
Mr. Universe 68, My Olympia 70-75, 80
Oakland Raiders 70-71
NY Giants 69-71, Los Angeles Rams 72-81
Oakland Raiders 81-93
Miluakee Bucks 69-75, Los Angeles Lakers 75-89
Professional Skateboarder
Cleveland Browns 57-65
NY Jets 65-76, Los Angeles Rams 77
Baltimore Colts 67-71, Oakland Raiders 73-74, Houston Oilers 75-76
Sport/TeamAthleteTV Show/Movie
Professional Surfer
NY Giants 81-93
Los Angeles Rams 62-76
Miluakee Bucks 96-03, Seattle Sonics 03-07, Boston Celtics 07-Present
Pittsburgh Steelers 70-83
Globetrotters 58-59, Phily/GS Warriors 59-64, LA Lakers 68-73
Boston Red Sox 84-96, Toronto BJays 97-98, NY Yanks 99-03, Houston Astros 04-06, NY Yanks 07
Buffalo Bills 69-77, San Francisco 49ers 78-79
Boston Celtics/LA Lakers 91-04
Vikings/Jets/Seahawks 72-77
Boston Celtics 46-48, Chicago Cubs/Brooklyn Dodgers 49-51
Pittsburgh Steelers/Oakland Raiders 60-67
Orlando Magic/LA Lakers/Miami Heat/Cleveland Cavaliers
Professional Wrestler
Bears/Eagles/Cowboys 61-72, Cowboys/Bears/Saints 73-99

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