Sports Games

Can you name the sport (U.S.)?

You might want to dryfire before you start drawing
Robin Hood's favorite 
As American as apple pie
Both are different versions from the U.K. 
America's 3rd most watched sport
Yet, America's most played sport 
A.K.A. 'birdie' 
You wouldn't want a field goal...but a turkey sounds good
Turkey= 3 strikes in a row 
An Italian 'ball'
Played in Roman times! 
Jamaica was not known for their team..naturally
They did have Cool Runnings  
You would think it was Australia's national sport...
What? It's a sport 
Essentially the act of one of human's most internal insticts, also called Pugilism
Momma said knock you out 
It may have started in Rome, but it's known for it's Spanish roots
A.K.A. tauromachy 
I'm in a boat mutherf****!...Sort of
It's Venetian! 
15% of Japenese people commute this way...
1.67% of Americans commute this way 
Queens and Kings love this sport, especially the Queen of Hearts
The sport was banned in Boston in 1890 because young couples would go looking for their 'missing balls' 
Looks like fast sweeping
It originated in Medieval Scotland 
A true American sport, and one of the most dangerous and prettiest
97% of all participants are male, but on the collegiate level, it's an even 50% 
The prelude to baseball
It's the world's second most popular sport 
As early as man itself
It's as old as history itself 
Look before you jump! 
Technically, you only need your hands and your feet
Depending on where you go, it could be the most dangerous sport 
The old way of defending your honor
It was one of the original sports in the Olympics in ancient Greece and one of only 4 to be in every Olympics 
Spinning the little men is the best part..yet illegal
The first game was played with matches 
America's most watched sport
Also known as gridiron 
You can play with one person, or 10, or even your dog
Original prop? A cake pan. 
It's not as easy as it looks, though it is as boring
Memberships to these clubs are among the most expensive 
Only the women of this sport perform routines to music
Ancient Greeks used to perform in the nude 
The closest thing you'll ever get to flying
In order to participate, you must weigh 85 lbs. 
These 3 sports are essentially the same, they require little equipment and are loved by school children
Elementary students love recess for these sports 
On the field or on the ice?
Pucks are frozen before games because they rubber they're made from would be too bouncy 
Be careful of where you practice...
Everybody loves the Zamboni man 
The fastest sport on two feet
The game comes from Native American origin!`` 
Tossing 'clothes'
One of the simplest games in the World 
Taking a child's playground toy way too far...
What funny outfits.. 
It's Log, it's log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood
One of the funniest sports to watch 
Do I have to call the pocket?
Games usually have a well known set of rules geographically, but not this one 
It's a True Underdog Story
Outlawed in some states due to violent nature of competition 
Played among the elite and graceful
It's a mix of croquet, jousting and horse racing 
Forrest Gump would've kicked your butt
It was originally called wiff-waff 
The general feel of the gameplay can differentiate anywhere from between capture the flag to modern warfare
A rapidly growing sport in the U.S., it's good for anger relief 
The easiest form of competition to initiate and finish
Everyone will race someone else in their life 
Ain't nuttin like it, yall!
The animals used usually aren't aggressive, but are induced to act as such 
In it's easiest form, it's essentially a basic survival skill
Drowning is one of the most painful ways to die, and children and males have a tendency to do so more 
A typical vacation plan
Not only is it fun, but it some countries it's necessary for transportation 
Doing this down Venice Beach boardwalk is normal
The 1970's sparked the sport's revolution 
The World's most popular sport 
Cowabunga, dude!
A young sport, the first recording of it was in 1965 
Frasier and Niles' favorite sport
This is a game for the more elite due to the slower nature of play 
Many early explorers took part in this necessary way of life
A popular sport and past time of retired people 
It's popular on cruiseships, senior citizen homes and bars
Again, a popular sport amongst senior citizens 
The actions of protection
There are over 200 types of this activity 
The original of the table variety
The record for longest match was broken in 2010 for 11 hours, and 5 minutes 
A pain in the wrists!
Don't let it hit the floor! 
An exhausting sport
Although similar in name to another sport, it's actually more like handball and ice hockey 

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