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hintVideo GamePlatform
Underwater city, Little Sisters, SplicersXbox 360
Tennis like, paddles, 'Blip'Atari
Italian, Red Hat, Moustache, 3DNintendo 64
Ape, Ladders, Hammer, Elevators.Arcade
Covenant, Worthogs, SpartainsXbox 360
Hammer-ons, Pull-Offs, Star PowerPlaystation 2
Blue turtles, Mushroom Turbos, Power slidesNintendo 64
Rings, rolling, robot animalsSega
Fox hound, Ocelot, PliskenPlaystation 2
Motorcyles, Chains, BatsPlaystation
UAV, Airstrike, HelicopterXbox 360/ Playstation 3
Umbrella, Green herb, Raccoon CityPlaystation
hintVideo GamePlatform
Locusts, Meat shield, Chainsaw on gunXbox 360
Black Mesa Research Facility, PC
Axel, Sweet Tooth, TwisterPlaystation
Bad Mr. Frosty, Taffy, Helga, TinySuper Nintendo
Cindor, Glacius, RiptorSuper Nintendo
Fatality, Animality, BabalitySega Genesis
Drug Dealing, Asians, GunsNintendo DS
Digital Dollhouse, Eat, Sleep, DatePC
Smokers, Tanks, HuntersXbox 360/PC
Bio-weapons, Tazer, Logan, Erich Rhoemer, Washinton DCPlaystation
Fox, Kong, FalconNintendo 64
Space, foxes, frogs, dogs, birds, rabbits, apesSuper Nintendo

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