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Can you name the things that begin with the letters of everyone's favorite country three times?

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Literature (K)Shakespearean play about a foolish British monarch who divides his kingdom between two of his three daughters
Science (Y)Physicist known for his modulus as well as his double-slit experiment
Art (R)Sculptor of The Gates of Hell, The Kiss, and The Thinker
Music (G)Puccini opera about the title character's scheme to alter the deceased Buoso Donati's will in his favor; it contains the aria O Mio Babbino Caro
Geography (Y)River south of the Huang He (Yellow); also known as the Chang Jiang
History (Z)Ethnic group of southern Africa that fought a namesake war against the British; known for warrior and leader Shaka
Sports (S)Trophy awarded to the winner of the NHL playoffs
Literature (T)Thomas Hardy work about a titular girl with Norman ancestry
Science (A)Describes a thermodynamic process in which heat neither leaves nor enters a system
Art (N)Painting by Edward Hopper that depicts a largely-empty diner long after the setting of the Sun
Sports (K)City that contains the MLB franchise nicknamed the Royals and the NFL's Chiefs
History (Y)Belgian city that was the site of several World War I battles
Music (R)Musical work used to mourn for the dead; Mozart's contains a section know as Lacrimosa
Geography (G)Cold desert in southern Mongolia and northern China
Literature (Y)Name either the Irish poet of 'Sailing to Byzantium' and 'The Second Coming' or the American author of Revolutionary Road
Science (Z)Element number 30, a silvery substance often found in batteries as an anode
Art (S)Painting by Raphael that depicts Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, and other philosophers
Music (T)Name either the Puccini opera in which Calaf sings Nessun Dorma or the one containing the arias E lucevan le stelle and Vissi d'arte
Geography (A)Name the capital of either Turkmenistan or Kazakhstan
History (N)Oliver Cromwell's fighting force used to wage the English Civil War
Art (K)Surrealist painter and wife of Diego Rivera noted for her many self portraits (ex: Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird)
Sports (Y)MLB shortstop and later center fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers (1974–1993); member of the Hall of Fame and the 3,000 Hit Club
Literature (R)Washington Irving's short story about the titular man's experiences after awakening from a 20-year slumber
Science (G)Cell organelle composed of cisternae that modifies and packages proteins and other macromolecules
Music (Y)Full name of the Chinese American cellist who performed at Barack Obama's 2009 inauguration ceremony
Geography (Z)Name either the largest city in Switzerland or the capital and largest city of Croatia
History (S)Naval battle of the Greco-Persian Wars that immediately followed the Battle of Thermopylae; it ended in a decisive Greek victory
Geography (T)Island of the Lesser Sunda Islands that is divided into a western half controlled by Indonesia and an eastern half that is an independent state
Literature (A)Nigerian author of Things Fall Apart
Music (N)Mussorgsky's composition about a witches' sabbath; it's included in Fantasia

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