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Can you name the Directioner or Directionator?

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Who's birthday is the 1 Febuary?
What is the bromance between Niall and Zayn called?
Who is the only one allowed to wear stripes?
What happened to Louis before the judges houses?
When is Niall's birthday?
'NO, _____ PROTESTED!'
What is Liam's girlfriend called?
What did Zayn refuse to do at Bootcamp?
What is Harry's cat called?
What does Liam have a fear of?
Who do the boys want to work with?
What is Zayn's favourite type of shoes?
What is Louis' middle name?
What did Harry slip on while singing What Makes You Beautiful at Nialls birthday?
When Zayn was 6 he _________
Who is single in the band?
What is their hairstylists baby called?
What is the first song they performed as a group?
Niall doesn't like models because he thinks _____
What was their first album called?

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