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Can you name the GLEE ACTORS' names basedon their CHARACTER'S name?

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Rachel Berry
Finn Hudson
Kurt Hummel
Sue Sylvester
Brittany S. Pierce
Blaine Anderson
Will Schuester
Emma Pillsbury
Artie Abrams
Mercedes Jones
Noah Puckerman
Tina Cohen-Chang
Santana Lopez
Mike Chang
Lauren Zizes
Quinn Fabray
Matthew Rutherford
Shannon Beiste
Jesse St. James
Shelby Corcoran
Sam Evans
Rory Flanagan
Sugar Motta
Dave Korofsky
Jacob Ben-Israel
Becky Jackson
Principal Figgins
Holly Holiday
April Rhodes
Dustin Goolsby
Carole Hudson
Burt Hummel
Terri Schuester
Joseph Hart
Jake Puckerman
Kitty Wilde
Marley Rose
Brody Weston
Cassandra July
Sebastian Smythe
Ken Tanaka
Rod Remington
Roz Washington
Sunshine Corazon
Isabelle Wright
Sandy Ryerson
Shane Tinsley
Howard Bamboo
Hiram Berry
Ryder Lynn
Wade 'Unique' Adams
Millie Rose
Carmen Tibideaux
Dottie Kazatori
Hunter Clarington
Dr. Carl Howel
LeRoy Berry
Brenda Castle
Grace Hitchens
Rose Pilsbury
Spencer Porter
Jane Hayward
Mason McCarthy
Madison McCarthy
Elliot 'Starchild' Gilbert
Syndey Greene

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