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Smart, sophisticated comedy about husband and wife lawyers on opposing sides of the same murder case.1949
Our candidate for the best Hollywood movie of all time.1942
Superb, intelligent sci-fi about UFO mystery that leads to first contact with alien beings.1977
Superior production revolving around U.S. judge presiding over German war criminal trials.1961
There's charm, wit, and movie magic to spare in Walt Disney's adaptation of P.L. Traver's book about a 'practically perfect' nanny.1964
Biblical epic follows Moses' life from birth and abandonment through manhood and slavery.1956
Margaret Mitchell's story is, in effect, a Civil War soap opera, focusing on vixenish Southern belle Scarlett O'Hara.1939
Vivid film adaptation of the landmark Broadway musical, updating Romeo and Juliet story to youth gang atmosphere of late 1950s N.Y.C.1961
Exceptional story of America's first unit of black soldiers during the Civil War.1989
For now, it's man vs. machinery of his own making in an unforgettabe space journey with computer HAL in control.1968
Altogether extraordinary film about an idealistic young Civil War soldier who makes friends with a Sioux Indian tribe and, eventually, becomes one of them.1990
Contrasts the life of melancholy 'don' with the early days of his father as an immigrant in N.Y.C.1974
Hoffman, in his first major film role, plays ultra-naive college grad who's seduced by a middle-aged woman.1967
Staggering adaptation of best-seller about the real-life Catholic war profiteer who eventually went broke saving more than 1,000 Polish Jews during WWII.1993
Woody's best film, an autobiographical love story with incisive Allenisms on romance, relationships, fame, and other sundry topics.1977
Classic Valentine Davies fable of Kris Kringle working in Macy's, encountering an unbelieving child, and going on trial to prove he's Santa.1947
Talky but brilliant adaptation of Philip Barry's hit Broadway comedy about society girl who yearns for down-to-earth romance.1940
Legendary comedy by Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond about two musicians who join an all-girl band heading for Miami.1959
Story threads include a blossoming romance between Han Solo and Princess Leia and a startling revelation by Darth Vader.1980
Wife walks out on upwardly mobile husband, leaving him to fend for himself and their young son.1979
Redford and Hoffman play real-life reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.1976
Walt Disney's groundbreaking animated feature film - the first of its kind - is still in a class by itself.1937
Robert Altman's first major success gave new meaning to the word 'irreverence'. Later a hit TV series.1970
Bizarre, fascinating mystery with Nicholson as L.A. private detective led into a complex, volatile case by femme fatale Dunaway.1974
Landmark science fiction drama about dignified alien who comes to Earth to deliver anti-nuclear warning.1951

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